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Finding my true north - A 90-Day Guide for Self-Reflection and Discovery

Finding my true north - A 90-Day Guide for Self-Reflection and Discovery

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Unearth Your Inner Compass and Set Sail on a 90-Day Voyage of Self-Care and Reflection!

Greetings, brave explorers! I’m Freya Northwind, and I invite you on an intimate journey inward, where the destination is the luminous essence of your true self.

The Treasures You’ll Uncover:
Empowered Self-Understanding: Dive deep and resurface with profound insights about who you truly are and who you're evolving into.
Mental Serenity: Equip yourself with tools and reflections that calm the mind, especially during life's turbulent storms.
Heartfelt Gratitude: Foster an attitude of appreciation, recognizing the beauty in each day, even in the smallest of moments.
Daily Dedication: Committing just a few minutes a day, you’ll witness an incredible metamorphosis in your mindset and well-being.

This is a digital product for downloading. No shipping fee.

💖 Message from Freya: 💖

"The North Star has always been a symbol of guidance and constancy. With this journal, I wish for you to find your own 'True North' - that unwavering, inner light that leads you home, no matter where you are."

Your expedition towards your truest self awaits!

NOTE: you can either print the journal and write your personal notes, or you can write directly in the digital version on your phone, tablet or laptop. Please find more information from Freya Northwind on the main page of this site.

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